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INRstar N3 Help

User Profiles

On the home page there are three navigation tabs: Messages, Important Information and Profile. The following information is concerning the Profile Tab.

User Details

Change Password - users are able to change their accounts password in this tab.

Manage Email Address - allowing you to request and receive password reset codes

Professional Registration Credentials

You must enter in your NHS registration credentials in to confirm that you are qualified to use the External Patient Lookup feature. 

You enter in your NHS registration into Professional Registration Credentials as explained in the step-by-step instructions below.

Communication Preferences

Communication Preferences - allowing you to opt in or out of receiving new INRstar information e.g. product updates, tips on new features, license information...

Change your password

Access the user profile section by clicking  and then the  tab.


Next click the  button.

To change the password, fill out the following three fields:

  • Current password: type in the existing password into this field
  • New password: type in the choice of new password into this field
  • Confirm new password: repeat the choice of new password here

Passwords must conform to the Password Requirements.

Once these three fields have been filled out correctly the user can click on the  button to save the changes. Alternatively, clicking the   button will remove the Change Password dialogue without saving any changes.

Click  and then the  tab.


Under  click 

Select your professional role from the drop down list


Click  and then the  tab.

Click  under User Details.

Now fill in the following two forms:

When both forms are completed click  to save your changes

We will not share your email address with any third parties.

Click  and then the  tab.

Click  underneath Communication Preferences.

Tick or untick the boxes to the left of the options to select your preferences:

When you are happy with what you've selected click 

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