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TPP SystmOne Setup Guide

Before you start the setting up TPP SystmOne on each PC it will have to be installed in INRstar. Call 01209 710999 and ask a member of our customer services team to do this for you. If you are unsure if this has already been done please scroll down and read 'How to Check if TPP SystmOne is Installed in INRstar'.

You will need to setup the interface between tpp SystmOne and INRstar on each computer.

In tpp SystmOne click 'System' and choose 'PC Settings' from the list..

Click button from the left hand menu.

Select the tick box for 'Enable Clinical Integration'. This might already be selected.

In INRstar, open the 'Add Patient' tab.  A message box will be displayed :

Click 'Yes'.

Please note : The first time the interface is used a message box will appear in tpp SystmOne.

Select the 'Allow Connection' button.

INRstar will show an error message. Restart INRstar and tpp SystmOne for these changes to take effect.

The interface for tpp SystmOne is now set up for this computer.

Please note: the patient's record must be open in SystmOne for the interface to integrate data.

Once logged into INRstar, you can check if TPP SystmOne is installed in INRstar as follows.

Navigate to the  tab.

Select the  tab, then the  tab.

If TPP SystmOne is installed, it will be displayed in the Clinical System Interface section as follows:

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