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If you are having any issues with your interface to INPS Vision LAN please look below for the relevant solutions. If you are unable to find what you looking for please call 01209 710999 and click here for remote support.

If INRstar is unable to find a patient in INPS Vision LAN to file back to the consultation then the patient's demographic details may not be matching with both programs.

Open the patients record and click on Patient Details and open the patient details in INPS

  • NHS Number
  • Title
  • FAMILY name
  • Given name (If the patient has a middle name put it in this field after the given name e.g. Abigail Jade)
  • Born
  • Sex

Your INPS Vision details entered do not match those of the Vision account that is open at the moment. Please re-enter the username and password you log in to INPS Vision with, by going to Home > Profile > Edit in INRstar. If you are unsure of your INPS Vision username and password please contact your Vision administrator. Some users find it helpful to log out and back into Vision, to remind them of their username and password.

If you change your password in INPS Vision you will need to update INRstar.

INRstar Tip: Reset your INRstar password at the same time as your INPS Vision password. Next time you have to reset either password it will be together thus hopefully making them easier to remember

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