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Doctor Summary Sheet & Patient Dosing Diary


Summary sheet - The Doctor Summary Sheet is a summary of the patient’s anticoagulation treatment. It can be printed to give a paper record of the recent warfarin treatment. It contains sufficient information to allow Manual dosing of the patient if, for some reason, the computer system is unavailable.

Diary - The Patient Dosing Diary is a sheet that can be printed and given to a patient after their new dosing and review period suggestions have been saved in INRstar.

Bridging schedule - The Bridging Schedule is a sheet that can be printed for a pending or active bridging record and given to the patient for them to follow while being bridged.

Summary sheet and bridging schedule – A combined Doctor Summary sheet and Bridging schedule are both printed when a patient is actively being bridged.  

Please Note: Different formats of dosing diary can be chosen by the location administrator. For information and a guide on how to do this please see Printing Settings in Related Content.

Display the patient's record.

Click the  button on the patient’s treatment record.

The loading printing information will be shown
To reprint a dosing diary
It may be necessary to reprint a dosing diary for a patient (eg. Patient has lost the diary or printer not functioning properly etc).
To reprint a diary for a patient:
Display the patient’s treatment record
Click the ‘Treatment’ tab on the patient’s record.
Click the 'Diary' button.

Note: Only the patient’s current dosing diary can be printed or reprinted.
Display the patient’s record.


Click the  button on the patient’s treatment record.

The loading printing information will be shown

Note: Only the patient’s current doctor summary sheet can be printed or reprinted.

You can set patient's print preferences to differ from the default print preferences on an individual basis on INRstar. For example, you may wish to do this because you have one or more patients with sight problems who would prefer A4 diaries, but the default is set to Label.

To change these print preferences for a patient, go into the patient's record.

First click  

Now click .


Now under Print Preferences select the diary format you wish to give your patient from the drop-down list;

Click  to complete these changes

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