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INRstar N3 Help

No Clinical System Interface

The interface between INRstar and Clinical systems allow the user to:

  • Extract a patients demographic information from clinical system when adding a new patient record into INRstar.
  • Save a patient’s INR treatment under the corresponding patient record in the clinical system.

In order to use the clinical system interfaces within INRstar, you will need to contact the INRstar Sales team on 01209 710999 to purchase a clinical system licence.  Without this licence on your account the clinical system integration options will not be available.

Once you have purchased your licence, you will need to configure INRstar to interface to your clinical system.

Use the Configuration guides below to see what setting information INRstar needs.

Once logged into INRstar, you can see which clinical system INRstar is integrated with as follows.

Navigate to the  tab.

Select the  tab and then the  tab.

If you do not have a Clinical System Interface with INRstar, the 'Components' tab screen will look like the image below: 

If you would like to set up a Clinical Interface for INRstar, please contact the Support team on 01209 710999.

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