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INRstar N3 Help

Installing INRstar

INRstar can be installed on any workstation with an NHS N3 connection.

There are two ways to install INRstar dependent on the level of permission you have on your workstation.

1. As an Administrator of the workstation: If you have the right levels of permission on your workstation then you can install INRstar for everyone who uses it.

Please see Creating a shortcut with Administrator Rights: step-by-step instructions below

2. I am a standard user: If you don’t have admin permission, you can install INRstar for only yourself.

Please see Downloading INRstar: step-by-step instructions below



Please note: INRstar is sold by the license so there is no limit on the amount of PC's you install the software on. If you use more than one PC you will have to install it on each computer.

Please follow the following steps to install INRstar to create a shortcut that will be available from the desktop for all users of a specific computer:

1. Click here to Download INRstar to your computer.

2. You will be asked if you want to open or save INRstarinstaller.exe. Click 'Run'.

The prompt may also appear similar to the screenshot below. Click ‘Run’ in both instances.

3. Another window may appear with the option to click Run or Don’t Run. Click ‘Run’.


4. You will then be presented with the INRstar installation wizard. Click ‘Next’.


5. The following screen will confirm you want to install INRstar N3. Click ‘Next’.


6. The wizard will now install INRstar N3 onto the computer. Please wait whilst INRstar N3 installs.


7. The Installation is now complete. Click the ‘Close’ button.


8. The shortcut will now be available from the desktop for all users of the specific computer.

INRstar has to be installed upon each user's desktop that requires access to the software. If you use more than one PC you will have to install it on each computer.

If you are the Admin Lead please send these instructions to every member of staff that uses INRstar.

Step 1:

Go to the webpage: http://download.inrstar.co.uk/

The below web page will verify (where possible) whether the minimum software requirements have been met on the computer and provide help on downloading the necessary software.

See the example below of when all the requirements have been met.

Step 2:

3 Green Ticks: If there are 3 green ticks INRstar can be installed.

1 or more Red Crosses: If you have 1 or more red crosses you will need to install the relevant Microsoft download. We recommend that an IT Technician from your IT department or practice, with Administrator rights, logs onto the computer to perform the necessary downloads.

Step 3:

Click on the Install the INRstar Client Window button once you have 3 Green Ticks. Found at the bottom of the page.

An Application Install box will appear. Click 'Install'.

INRstar will then install. This may take a few minutes.

INRstar will then open and be ready to use

Technical Information:

  • System requirements:
  • Operating system: Recomended Windows 8.1 or above, minimum requirements Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later
  • Internet browser: Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Connection to the NHS N3 network
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2 (this will be installed automatically if not already present)
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