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Preferred Clinics/Clinic Locations

If you are using the built in appointments system, it can be useful to record a patient's preferred anticoagulation clinic location. 

This will allow you to:

  • Manage your clinics by understanding how many patients prefer each of your clinic locations
  • Offer a patient an appointment in the clinic they prefer when making or moving their next appointment

To use this feature:

  • Set up a list of available clinic locations (this must be set up by a user with administrative permissions as described below).
  • For each patient pick their preferred location from the drop down in the patient management tab:


  • Then when you are making the patient a next appointment date you can see their preferred clinic location on the top left:

From Options/Location Management select the 'Clinic Locations' tab.

Local Administrator and Location Clinical Lead users can edit, add or delete clinic locations. They will appear in the drop-down list as a selectable option when adding or editing patients. No Of Patients is the number of patients that have selected that clinic as their preferred clinic location.

Select the button named 'Add' at the bottom right-hand corner to add a new clinic location


Enter the name of the clinic location. When entering new patients they can then be assigned to their preferred clinic location.

Once entered click 'Save' to add the clinic location into the system, or 'Cancel' to exit without saving your changes

To edit an existing clinic location, select the 'Edit' button next to the name in the table.

 To save any changes, click 'Update', or click the 'Cancel' button to undo any changes.

To delete an existing clinic location, select the 'Delete' button next to the name in the table.

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