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INRstar Training - Who is it for?

Whether you’re commissioning a new anticoagulation service in your area, setting up a new service in your location, introducing new staff or just want to keep your staff’s INRstar skills up-to-date, our training covers all the clinical, operational and administrative features you need to manage your anticoagulation service.

Primary Care, Secondary Care, Group Accounts
If you are commissioning a new anticoagulation service in your area, you can talk to our Sales and Clinical teams. They will advise and offer their expertise to help you to manage the whole process of training.

New Services
If you’re setting up a new anticoagulation service, our clinical trainer can provide advice on template protocols and standard operating procedures necessary for implementation. Any questions in relation to the software and its use in clinical services can be discussed with our friendly and helpful Customer Support team, to ensure you have a smooth service introduction.

Existing Services
All users of INRstar should receive training in the use of the software.
Even experienced staff will benefit from training, either to re-affirm your knowledge, or learn about new or underused features. This will enable you to provide the best clinical care for your anticoagulation patients.

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