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How to Create a Memorable Password

INRstar contains patient data so it’s important that your password is secure, but equally it’s important that it is memorable for you. To help you create a password for INRstar please follow our password top tips:

  • Pick a memorable word, for example a country you would like to go to or an animal. Make the password secure by adding capital letters and meaningful numbers, for example New14Zealand, France3179, Elephant485 etc.
  • Alternatively use a short phrase: Combine two or three small words of significance to you, and make a single password. For example iLoveTea52.
  • Otherwise try using an acronym of a phrase. For example ‘I was born in Newcastle 1972’ turns into: IwbiN72
  • Your password needs to include the following as a minimum; a capital letter, a lowercase letter, a number and be between 8 - 12 characters or you can use a special character: ! @ $ % ^ & * _ ( )
  • Your password should not contain easily guessed information such your birth date, phone number, spouse’s name, pet’s name, children’s name, user name, etc.
  • No matter how secure your password is writing it on paper or in an unsecure file on your computer undermines its security. Please never write your password down.

PLEASE NOTE: Your password will automatically expire every 90 days. 

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