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HL7 Interface (Test Results)

Our new ‘HL7 Interface’ enables integration with hospitals laboratory system and INRstar.

The interface files INR readings directly back to the INRstar software in your clinic, from hospital laboratory system. With no need to manually enter the INR into INRstar, it saves you time and reducing the risk of manual entry error.

If you are having any issues using the INRstar HL7 interface please contact our support team on please contact our Support Team on 01209 710 999 or email support@inrstar.co.uk.

Setup-by-step Instructions: Processing Test Results

1.    Click 'Patient'

2.    Click the 'Results' tab

3.    Click the 'INR' tab

4.    If the result matches a patient in INRstar you can click the 'Dose Patient' button.

5.    Complete the details in the 'New INR' page to complete the treatment. 

6.    If the result does not match a patient in INRstar, click 'Find Patient'.

7.    Search for the patient's name, and select if the correct patient is found.

8.    If the patient is not in INRstar, but you still want to treat the patient click Add New Patient

9.    The demographic details from the lab results will be prepopulated for your convenience (NHS number, Name, DOB). Fill out the rest of the details and add a treatment plan for the patient

10.    The patient will now be available for dosing, follow steps 1-5.

11.  To view all dosed results click on the 'Show Dosed Results' filter

Setup-by-step Instructions: Archiving an Unwanted Test Result

If a test result cannot be actioned due to an incorrect format, or is not required it can be archived to remove it from the new test result page

1.    Select Archive

2.    Enter the reason and click OK

3.    To view all archived results click on the Show Archived Results filter

Test Results sorting


Following the wider introduction of Test Results (HL7 & PST) to customers, we were asked to add a sort facility to the displayed data, to allow a patient’s details or high INR readings to be located more easily.


Clicking a Sort icon will also re-fresh the list of results, so will include any newly received results.


The sort feature has been added to:

·         the date received column

·         the Patient details column

·         the INR reading column


The data can be sorted either ascending or descending.

We have also added a paging feature, if the number of out-standing results is greater than 10.

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