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INRstar Training Introduction

Make the most out of INRstar

Our comprehensive INRstar training covers everyone involved in your anticoagulation service. Whether you’re a new or existing INRstar user, our training adapts to your needs.

We understand that you may require a specific approach to learning. Your team might also need to use our software differently depending on their roles and responsibilities.

That’s why we offer a broad range of learning resources from online webinars and refreshers to face-to-face training that can be tailored to your requirements. All our training is co-designed and delivered by experienced AC clinicians to offer you an unrivalled user experience.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All of our anticoagulation training your learners complete will count towards their CPD hours. Whether this is via face-to-face or using any of the online courses, they’ll also be issued with a certificate and the training will count towards their professional revalidation, where appropriate.

Who is the training for?

How do we provide training?

Which training is appropriate?

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