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Release 127 - Live from 13 June 2019

New functionality: Added a new professional role and two new reasons to deactive a Patient

Following your feedback, we've updated INRstar to include the following:

If you are a Registered Pharmacist Technician you can now select this role from the Professional Credentials drop down on the Profile tab and enter your registration number, this will allow you to access the External Patient Lookup functionality.

We have added two more reasons to the drop down list when you are deactivating a patient, these are 'Moved to another drug - Edoxaban' and 'Moved to another drug - Enoxaparin'.

However, you don't need to deactivate a patient if moving to another anticoagulant drug - you can still keep them within INRstar to manage all your anticoagulation patient in one place. See Non-warfarin Treatment Plans

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