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Digital Dosing Diary

This programme gives your patients digital access to their current dosing schedule via the engage app. As their latest treatment record is saved in INRstar, the new schedule is seamlessly transmitted to engage and is instantly available to the patient. The programme contains reminders of their daily dose and of their new INR test date.

The programme also provides comprehensive educational videos, available at any time, to help your patients to learn more about warfarin and their anticoagulation therapy.

The Digital Dosing Diary programme is an electronic form of the traditional printed tablet schedule. This is the list of daily tablets they need to take for their anticoagulation and is known in INRstar as 'the diary'. 

But it's also much more than just that.

Accessed through engage, the Digital Dosing Diary programme provides patients with comprehensive education about not only their anticoagulation therapy, but how to improve their lifestyle to make that therapy more effective. The engage application, provided by Lumiradx Care Solutions, can be accessed using a smart phone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. It consists of a series of simple instructions (known as 'tasks') for the patient to follow, as well as access to the bespoke educational videos.

The Digital Dosing Diary programme can replace the 'dose and post' scenario, saving you time, effort, paper and postage. And gives you more reassurance in your level of care.

If your INRstar location uses a Lab for testing the INR result, you'll normally post the new schedule to the patient after the results have been returned. But you have no idea if the patient understands, or has even received, their new tablet schedule. Through engage and the seamless integration with INRstar, you'll know if your patient has received and understands their schedule, so you can be confident your care team is providing the best possible support.

Our programme is easy to set up, just follow these simple steps to enrol your patient, so they can get started on learning more about their anticoagulation therapy.

Step 1 - Discuss

Select the correct patient's record in INRstar and click on the 'Self-Care' tab where you will find information about engage and the Digital Dosing Diary programme. Discuss the programme with your patients including how it can help them understand their anticoagulation therapy better whilst staying in touch with their care team.

Step 2 - Confirm your patient's details

If you and your patient agree that the Digital Dosing Diary is the correct method to deliver the tablet schedule, there are a couple of fairly simple basic requirements.

You'll need to make sure the patient's demographics in INRstar contain a either a home or mobile phone number and a valid email address.

You'll also need to ensure the patient has access to a smart phone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer that is connected to that email account.

Step 3 - Enrol

It is important to note that until the patient confirms they are ready to use the Digital Dosing Diary programme, they will not receive their tablet schedule via engage on their electronic device.

On the Self-Care page, click the 'Enrol patient' button in the Digital Dosing Diary programme area:

This will display the first stage of the process:

Tick the checkbox alongside the "I confirm that.." text, then click on the 'Send email' button.

The patient will now receive their welcome email, which will explain how to download or access engage and how to register.

Once they are registered, they will be automatically sent a task to start their initial training.

All the training for the patient is contained within engage.  When they have completed their initial training, they can decide if they are ready to start using the Digital Dosing Diary, by answering a task question.

When your patient has confirmed they are ready to use the Digital Dosing Dairy, they will be fully enrolled.

When you treat this patient in INRstar, you'll see a message to indicate they are on the Digital Dosing Diary Self-Care programme. If you don't see the message, then your patient has not confirmed they are ready and won't receive their schedule electronically.

Step 1 - Pre-treatment questions

Your patient will arrive for their appointment and you'll ask the Important information questions and take the blood sample as usual.

Step 2 - Create treatment record

If you're using the PoCT testing method, or when the INR test results are received back from the lab, you'll create the INRstar treatment record.

As you save this record, INRstar will instantly send the new tablet schedule to the engage app.

INRstar will also send the patient an email informing them they have a new schedule that they need to confirm.

You have no need to print the patient diary, though you might still wish to print the patient summary sheet, for your own records.

Step 3a - Patient confirms schedule

You patient will then complete the task in engage to indicate they understand the new schedule.

They will then be sent a set of daily tasks, stating which tablet or tablets they need to take each day. They will also get a task with their next test date.

Step 3b - Patient does not confirm schedule or does not understand schedule

If the patient does not reply that they have received the schedule, or they indicate they have not understood it, INRstar will display a notification message on the home page.


and an appropriate message:


If the patient does not understand the schedule, follow the instructions shown to resolve the situation.

Step 4 - View last INR

Your patient is also able to check what their last INR result was by using the option in engage.

This will display the last result:

Once patients are registered to engage, they have access to easy-to-follow videos available at any time.

Topics include:
  • Welcome to the Digital Dosing Diary
  • Understanding your INR
  • All about warfarin
  • Diet and Alcohol
  • Symptoms of bleeding
  • Symptoms of clotting
  • Taking other Medication

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