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Patient Status: Activating, Suspending or Deactivating a Patient

The status of a patient’s treatment can be managed and recorded as Activate, Suspended or Inactivate within INRstar.

Patients Status’ Explained

Active: An active patient is currently undergoing anticoagulation treatment. While you are treating a patient their treatment plan status should remain Active. When Activate a patient will show on all reports.When a patient's status is activated the patient banner will be blue (as above).

Suspended: When a treatment plan has been interrupted the patient’s status can be changed to Suspended, e.g. the patient is on holiday or has been admitted to hospital. This can be done for a period of up to 6 months and will allow a patient to remain ‘Active’- but not appear on the overdue reports during their suspension period. The patient will not be automatically un-suspended once the selected date has passed. When a patient's status is suspended the patient banner will be orange (as above).

Inactive: A inactive patient is not currently undergoing anti-coagulation treatment. When a patient’s treatment plan has ended they should be deactivated. The patient will now not appear on your active patient list or reports relating to after their de-activation date. When a patient's status is inactivate the patient banner will be grey (as above).

Please note: if a patient’s status is deactivated prematurely then their treatment plan will end. When a treatment plan has ended it cannot be opened again and a new treatment plan must be created if the patient is still being treated.

Follow these instructions to change the patients status from or to Active, Suspended or De-active.

First open the patient record of which to change the status of.

In the patients record click on the Patient Management tab.

Under the Patient Management tab you will see if the patient's Status is activate, suspended or de-active.

To change the current status simply click the button which titles relates to status you wish to set: the Active/Deactivate or Suspend button.

Fill in the relevant details on the following screen to complete the editing of your patient's status.


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