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Rolling 12 months TTR Report

This report shows the trend in Time in Therapeutic Range (TTR), calculated as a percentage, for every patient whose data you have access to. The trend is calculated by averaging the TTR for all patient treatments over the previous 12 months. This annual “window” is recalculated every month, and the graph shows the last year's averages.

You can filter the data by diagnosis and/or by their current registered location. You can also set the month so it is possible to see historical trends. 

Use this report to:

  • give you an idea of how your location is performing over the last 12 months

The first 2 weeks of all treatments are excluded from the calculation, even if the patient was using a maintenance dosing algorithm.  In addition, all induction treatments are also excluded. 

Induction treatments are those where the 'induction' flag was ticked.  This flag is automatically ticked if the patient is on one of the built in induction algorithms.

Please Note: This report contains changes made to INRstar from the previous day and not from the day the report is run.

Please look under 'Additional files' on the right-hand side of this page to view or download an example report

Category: Warfarin Control