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Point Prevalence (PP)

For many years we have provided a quarterly benchmarking service which allowed individual anticoagulation services to compare their Point Prevalence (PP) results with the aggregate PP values of many other centres.

It is now accepted that the best measure of overall anticoagulation control at a service is the ‘Time in Therapeutic Range’ (cTTR). We have therefore decided to replace PP benchmarking  with an updated cTTR Benchmarking service which will allow you to compare the cTTR value at your own location with the aggregated cTTR from the thousands of other anticoagulation services using INRstar.

We feel that this will result in an improved, more timely and clinically accurate benchmarking service.

The current NICE recommendation: 

Service time in therapeutic range

Time within target INR range is an accepted indicator of the standard of anticoagulation therapy[6].

The Topic Advisory Group agreed that after the initial stabilisation of dose, a minimum of 60% of people under the care of an anticoagulation service should be within therapeutic range at a given point in time. The Topic Advisory Group agreed that it would be desirable that 65% of people should be within therapeutic range. Time in therapeutic range for people in the first 6 weeks on treatment should not be included in these calculations.




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