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About View Only Locations

What is a View Only Location?

A view only location is either a practice or prison which has registered patients who are tested at another INRstar location. In general, View Only locations have read only access to their patients' anticoagulation records. However, there is an option where a View Only location user can add Notes about a patient, which may be relevant to their anticoagulation treatment, and which can then be viewed by the Treating location.

A Treating Location is responsible for managing a patient's anticoagulation therapy. The patient's Registered GP may also be at the treatment location, or they may be registered with another practice or prison which has a 'View Only' INRstar licence. 

A patients Registered Practice can be configured by the location that manages that patient's a/c therapy on the Care Team tab.  Once this has been done the registered practice has view only access to that patient's record and can run certain reports that include that patients data.

INRstar View Only Permissions

As a View Only Location you can use INRstar to do the following:

  • Search for a patient
  • View a patient treatment record, including their demographic and clinical details, treatment summary, Notes, Adverse Events
  • Add a note to a patients record
  • Access reports and home page messages for your patients

As a View Only Location you can’t use other functionality within INRstar. Please contact the treatment location if you require changes to the patients record or treatment. 

How do I get a View Only Location?

To gain access to a view only location there is a cost of £99.00 plus VAT please contact our Sales team on 01209 710999.
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