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INRstar N3 Help

Patient Summary

Clicking on  will display a summary of various aspects of the patient’s management.

In the top left hand corner will be various details of the patient’s current INR treatment.
Last INR Test: The date the INR test was taken.
Current INR: The patinet's current INR taken from the last INR test.
Current Dose: The patient's dose from the last INR test.
Current Review: The number of review days from the last INR test.
TTR: Time in Therapeutic Range – the % of time the patient is spending within range of their Target INR +/- 0.5.
Annual Review: A new feature which is coming soon.

In the top right hand corner is a copy of the patient's current dosing schedule.

At the bottom of the screen is a bar chart showing how the patient's INR varies with consecutive doses of warfarin.

NB. None of these fields can be edited in this screen. The information is for display purposes only.

Category: General Patient Tasks